Liquidity in NFTs – What are the alternatives?

This is a thought experiment on whether the technology we are using to solve for liquidity in the diamond market, has a potential application towards NFTs – digital art, video game assets and others.

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Present vs Future: Investing in Diamonds

Introduction & Spoiler Alert Liquid Diamonds¬†has been building the technology and market share to enable a truly liquid market in certified diamonds for several years now. We believe that this, in turn, will enable certified diamonds to become a new asset class for investors.¬† But, in the course of our work, we have been challenged […]

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Setup auto-upload on an FTP server

We will use “Auto FTP manager” to setup auto-upload of inventory in an FTP server. Download the software and install it in your PC/ system where you manage your inventory. After you have installed the software, launch it. You should see something like this Setting up the connection Select the “Automated Profile” instead of “Quick […]


Webinar : State of the Diamond Market – 1

The first Webinar hosted by Liquid Diamonds on 31st March 2020 attracted over 200 business owners from the diamond industry from US, Belgium, Israel, India and Hong Kong. We invited eminent personalities from the diamond industry to discuss the state of the diamond market and the effects of the coronavirus crisis on the industry. Anoop […]


Market-driven Diamond pricing

I’m Mark Molloy — a software developer and inventor who has moved into the wholesale diamond market space as a co-founder of Liquid Diamonds Inc. When I first got introduced to the industry, I was surprised that most people had no idea what the price of a diamond was. Instead, they knew the percentage off the […]

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