How to Up Your Diamond Trading Game by Leveraging Market and Pricing Data?

The key to successful diamond trading is buying and selling the right diamonds at the right price. Selecting the right categories of diamonds that are going to move in the market is as important as identifying the right price to buy and sell. And the better you are at sourcing them, the more you can […]

Diamond Pricing

What Makes Liquid Diamonds the Top Choice for Diamond Sourcing for Retailers and Wholesalers

Diamond buyers need to tackle several hurdles in sourcing.   Take, for example, the hassle of dealing with hundreds of diamond suppliers to negotiate a good deal. Receiving batches of small shipments in exchange for several small payments is a challenge. On top of that, many buyers are often stuck with dead stock, which they considered […]

Diamond Liquidity

Liquidity in NFTs – What are the alternatives?

This is a thought experiment on whether the technology we are using to solve for liquidity in the diamond market, has a potential application towards NFTs – digital art, video game assets and others.

Diamond Liquidity Liquidity NFT